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Our Story

A Common Problem

We believe that food hubs can become the backbone of a thriving, regenerative local food economy, but only if we openly and transparently collaborate, share best practices, and engage in financially sustainable transactions.

One Purpose

To improve market opportunities for farmers and increase equitable access to good food by leveraging food hub collaboration, best practices, financially sustainable transactions, and transparency.

Shared Values


We believe that together we can build a food system that places trusted farms at the core and increases the opportunities for consumers to make healthy, informed, delicious choices.


We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of collaborative relationships and strive to openly share where, how, and by whom they were grown.


We believe that a resilient food system requires independently-owned farms, thriving rural communities, healthy soil, and enhanced biodiversity.


We believe that regional food systems should optimize taste and nutrients and provide the freshest, healthiest, tastiest products possible.


We believe that farmers should be compensated for the products at fair rates, paid in as timely a manner as possible, and earn a living wage.


We believe in collaboration over competition and strive to build mutually beneficial relationships.


We believe that fresh, healthy food is a human right and are committed to getting products to market in as affordable a way as possible.

Coming Together

This is why in February 2020, Collaborative members met with Local Food Hub and expert facilitators to formally establish a network of food hubs committed to strengthening and diversifying the food system in the Eastern US. The results of this two-day meeting was a MOU outlining how a collection of food hubs can work together to expand market opportunities for farmers, improve operational efficiency, and grow regional food system influence.

Are You One of Us?

Learn how you can get involved here.

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